Take 1 minute a day and DO nothing.

Even just taking 1 minute out of your day can help you get perspective and feel good: take in your surroundings, notice how you are feeling and allow yourself to not worry about a thing. Yes it’s ok.

This is Pennadomo, Abruzzo, Italy, in December at dawn this morning. Small moon crescent. It was a good minute!



Little by Little…. advice on how to start out training

My motto to achieving progress is ‘little by little’ ; faith in action no matter how small it is.

However unfit you feel, you can make progress. Dream BIG but don’t let the magnitude of the dream crush you! You just have to break it down into what is manageable for you to do in your current state; physically, emotionally, practically.

The parts of you that stop you working towards a goal are your demons. They are there for a reason! You need to face them, accept them as part of you and hopefully find a way of moving on from them and I guess maturing as a person. They won’t go away until you do.

This does require you to know yourself a bit, but don’t worry! You get to know yourself by trying this process out. The art to training is picking yourself up again when you lose the pace. This happens to people of all levels of fitness and experience. The demons can come back! You think you’ve lost it, everyone else is fitter, you’ve not trained hard enough, it’s all over arrrgghh!

Ok so for example take someone who hasn’t really trained before as an adult feels totally bewildered by exercise and fit people but dreams of having a super fit hot bod! The answer is: it’s all possible. The method is:

Little by little: do one thing each day that’s more than what you did before. No matter how little it is. If it’s more it WILL add up.

This person could try:

1) 10 half press ups a day.

2) or, go outside first thing in the morning and walk/jog for 10 mins.

3) or just take 5 minutes to be still, in a comfortable seated pose or lying down and be aware of your body. Allow your ‘mind’, identity, consciousness to connect with your physicality; muscles, bones, blood, breathing. And that’s it!

Even not managing to do this everyday but just aiming to do it and managing 3 times a week or if you’re lucky 5 (!) will make a difference. If you can focus on the process and allow the goal to be present but not overwhelming, to excite you but not crush you and to fuel the activity but not prevent it, you will begin to see results.

At the heart of this philosophy is patience. It might just be that the process is the point not the product em (or goal). The rhythm of the routine has to take over and for a moment become the product itself; you feel good after doing it, so you begin to do it because you feel good, then all of a sudden you forget about the big goal of hot tight bod and just enjoy doing it, being it!

In doing so you change just a little as a person/personality, your body changes in reflection, your cardio vascular organs begin to work just a little harder, become a little more efficient, your heart and lungs will grow a little too and you feel a little bit better about everything. Then you notice a result (maybe you lose an inch around the waist!) Just a little result. And once you have your hard ‘little’ fact it’s easier to convince yourself to carry on. You’ve got evidence now!

When you reach this stage you’ve grown enough physically and emotionally so that you’re naturally ready for the next stage. A bigger workout!

The beauty of this is you begin to really understand yourself. Inside your gut you know when you’re ready for something. There’s lots of outside social pressures that make you feel wrong for taking your time to do something. No. When it comes to exercise and physical growth you’re allowed to develop in your own time. Build a firm foundation of confidence physically and emotionally.

Your 10 half press ups a day may feel like nothing in comparison to what you think other people are doing. If it’s more than YOU were doing before then it will make a difference to YOU. And when you’ve become at ONE with that routine, you will feel ready to try something more, maybe add 20 crunches a few weeks later or months! Who cares. It’s ok.



Size 18 to a size 14: Marie’s story

Outdoor Adidas gym in Homerton.

Outdoor Adidas gym in Homerton.

Running in Wick woods. Beautiful green space in Hackney Wick.

Running in Wick woods. Beautiful green space in Hackney Wick.

Marie has been training with me in East London since October. We’ve been doing outdoor fitness sessions once a week including: running, skipping, outdoor gym (assisted chins, pull ups, leg raises, dips), TRX and weight training.

It’s a joy to announce she’s gone down from a size 18/20 to a size 14! And has lost 10cm off her waistline.

It’s not just the 60 min training sessions we do each week that have contributed to her fitness it’s her attitude! After she was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year Marie has transformed her diet. Her food and nutrition ideas are a massive inspiration to me. Check out her instagram account here: http://instagram.com/mijosy

She’s also been training at home 3 times a week doing free weights, skipping and yoga.

So exciting to watch the progress, see how her amazing attitude transforms her body as well as inspire me with her recipes!

If you want to buy personal training sessions for a Christmas present get in touch! 30 min free consultation and food diary analysis included in all multi buys. Prices are as little as £40 an hour if you buy ten and can be split with a friend for no extra cost.





Salt Bath: age old recipe for muscle recovery.

It’s heaven and it works. If you’re muscles are tired or tight, joints aching or just feeling a bit toxic and weird a salt bath can help.

2 Cups of Epsom salts

1 Cup sea salt

1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda

Essential oils of choice; lavender, geranium.

1 tablespoon of raw virgin coconut oil or olive oil

Epsom Salt is hydrated magnesium sulfate and in a hot bath you’re able to absorb the magnesium through your skin. Magnesium is often deficient in Western diet (you find it in raw greens). There’s loads of health benefits associated with increased magnesium levels.

Relax muscles, better blood sugar regulation, aids release of toxins, relieve stress, reduces inflammation. If you’re interested in chakras and auras, salt baths help cleanse you of other peoples vibrations.

Bicarbonate of soda is another old remedy. It can be used for almost anything; cleaning the house, washing clothes, removing odours as well as softening and cleansing the skin.

If you’re training regularly and are under pressure to recover and be in top shape, try including a salt bath into your training schedule. When I feel exhausted, toxic with over tired muscles a salt bath helps me recover twice as fast. It’s incredible. You can also try grounding… (talk more about that soon)

Having a bath is also the perfect place have a go at letting go. Before you know it you might be meditating. Take a few minutes to allow yourself a chance to not worry about ANYTHING.

Blended fruit & veg super smoothie!

‘Deep healer’ organic smoothie: cavelo nero, curly kale, ginger + turmeric root, chili, orange, lemon and apple. And shelled hemp!

Made me feel immediately cleansed and healthy. Warmth from ginger turmeric and chili, zest from apples and citrus fruit and loads a vits and minerals from greens. The healthy buzz hits you straight away, fills you up with nutrition and is so easy to digest you can train soon after.

I’ve found I’m able to do much more training after drinking the smoothie. I’m eating less calories and meat; am able to get a much higher proportion of protein from vegan sources than before. In the morning I’ll put in cashews, sunflower seeds, flax and goij mix, hemp, oats, banana, orange, biolive yoghurt. Lots of protein, healthy fats, carbs and power energy!

I get my delivery from the Organic Delivery Company. Delicious! and comparable prices to supermarket veg too.

Make training fun

Pavillion Cafe Victoria Park

Pavilion Park Cafe Victoria Park

Getting training going if you’ve had a break or are starting out (even if you’re training hard but getting bored) has a lot to do with making it fun. Start to lose the bad associations with exercise and make some positive ones.

For example I love a really well made coffee. So I train in an unconventional way that helps me get going in the morning, brightens up my day and takes away the chore element of training. I plan the run to call by my favourite coffee spots and incentivise myself by knowing: a) I have a nice coffee waiting for me so get out there! And b) after I’ve had the coffee I’ll get a buzz from a full on training run!

I’ve not met many runners that do this! The pre coffee run is a warm up and the post coffee run is training. I get a high from coffee and running/training/dancing. It’s a cardio buzz as well as making use of any adrenalin from the coffee in a constructive way.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated have a think about what would make you get out there. It’s ok to make training fun and integrate it into the things you enjoy. Don’t worry if you train in a different way to others, everyone is at different stages. All that matters is you try and do something towards your inner goals. And that’s it. You will feel good about it after and so the positive spiral begins.