Blended fruit & veg super smoothie!

‘Deep healer’ organic smoothie: cavelo nero, curly kale, ginger + turmeric root, chili, orange, lemon and apple. And shelled hemp!

Made me feel immediately cleansed and healthy. Warmth from ginger turmeric and chili, zest from apples and citrus fruit and loads a vits and minerals from greens. The healthy buzz hits you straight away, fills you up with nutrition and is so easy to digest you can train soon after.

I’ve found I’m able to do much more training after drinking the smoothie. I’m eating less calories and meat; am able to get a much higher proportion of protein from vegan sources than before. In the morning I’ll put in cashews, sunflower seeds, flax and goij mix, hemp, oats, banana, orange, biolive yoghurt. Lots of protein, healthy fats, carbs and power energy!

I get my delivery from the Organic Delivery Company. Delicious! and comparable prices to supermarket veg too.