joys of jogs

  I’ve got to share the love. The buzz from a jog. The freedom of being able to walk outside your front door and go. You don’t need to get yourself anywhere like a gym or swimming pool, you don’t really need any equipment (comfy shoes and any old clothes that you can sweat into), you don’t need money.

I know A LOT of people have fears to do with running. But a fast pace walk will do you the world of good too.

 After doing the ARNI course for stroke rehab and seeing how people can have their movement taken away within the space of a few hours, it gave me perspective. If you can move you’re lucky. Use it. As much as you can, everyday, explore, grow, conquer. The magnitude of strong will and effort stroke survivors go through just to regain basic movement like walking, sitting, reaching and grabbing makes you realise how lucky you are. Dance, sing, jump, run while you can. 

Spread your spirit through your environment. Know your land. Fill your third eye with light and colour and patterns; nature. Then go about your day, secrets of beauty inside your mind, fulfilled.

(I took these shots this winter in east London, top shot is from France) 

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