Dancing heals the soul: bank holiday weekend on a budget!

August bank holiday weekend! So close to not going out, was skint, should I be sensible and stay home? 

On top of that Carnival cynicism is strong but after going every year since I first went in ’99 I’ve honoured the magic of that experience by my annual return. Would 2016 be the year I break the pattern? Was almost swayed by the moans and groans; too big now, too organised, controlled, lost the soul, get squashed etc etc

Was in two minds. And then after an amazing Saturday afternoon of dancing, prancing and merriment I got home, put 90s RnB Hip Hop and Dancehall mixes on mixcloud and felt  electricity shooting through my spine! This music is what makes me, me: I had to go Carnival.

To kick start the weekend I went to Cambridge Heaths first gay street ball on Saturday afternoon, free(!). 

Facebook live recording of ball

And Room4Movement @Book Club Leonard Street on Sunday night (bi monthly?) free before 9pm. Extended till 3am for bank hol special. Broken beat, hip hop, jazz, beats.
Jazz re:freshed people

Room4Movement Facebook event

Each event visibly lifted the spirits of everyone I was with! Just half an hour of dancing in the street at the Cambrige Heath ball left us buzzing! Everyone was so happy!

Messing about at the ball

Positive vibes are actually tangible. You’re energised for days getting stuff done with focus and purpose. How does it happen? A combo of music, sound system, floor space and good hearted people. Spirits lift, you feel joy and you get a good cardio workout, which boosts the happy hormones.

By Monday not only was I going to Carnival but I knew I had to share the positive vibes with those couldn’t or wouldn’t go (and deal with the awkwardness of filming in the crowds, a test of endurance, agility and street awareness).

Carnival was the best one yet but you gotta know how to do it right. Follow your nose and see where you go! Here’s some vids of where I ended up:

Mini vid of carnival 2016
Longer vid of Carnival 2016

Epic weekend. Energy is on an all time high, feel bonded and inspired. All done on a super tight budget! About £50 for long weekend of food, travel and going out (not by choice! Just the way it went and decided not to let lack of money stop me). Free entry to all events, bring your own water and pack lunch to the street party/carnival. Stick to soda and water when you’re out in the club or mix a fruit juice with soda for a little bit of sugar treat!  🙂 Always always follow your highest joy and the rest will follow. 

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