Epsom Salt Bath


A little reminder! 3 kg bag of Epsom Salts from your local independent chemist costs about £6.29. Put one kilo in a bath and if you fancy add some essential oils or like this bath Valerian and hops salts, a small sachet is £1.99. You can also add Bicarbonate of soda and seasalt for a deep cleanse.

Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom salts are great for relieving sore muscles, relaxing the mind and helping with recovery. They also make the body more buoyant in the water so you feel lighter and can let go of tensions more easily.

I feel really clean and detoxed after a salt bath as well deeply relaxed.

Highly recommend engaging in some deep breathing when in a salt bath. See if you can let all thoughts go and just breathe, as deep and long breaths as possible. Find absolute stillness. It’s a great way to explore meditation and develop your own relaxation go too’s in times of stress.

As the weather changes into a cooler climate it’s a great time to have a hot bath and take a moment.