My favourite healthy dessert (and snack): pineapple & mango yogurt with hemp and chia

I love finding delicious wholesome (lower GI/sugar, higher protein/fibre) alternatives to regular desserts. Ones that don’t lack on taste or naughtiness.

This is great as a breakfast, dessert or snack.


  1. 150g Biolive organic yoghurt/soya (dairy free alternative)
  2. 50g frozen mango
  3. 50g frozen pineapple
  4. 30g oats
  5. 15g SHELLED hemp
  6. 10g ground chia
  7. 10g honey (local ideally!)

442 calories with 17% protein 20g mean it’s not lean which I would consider 25% plus. But a dessert which can be as low as 3% protein for a standard chocolate brownie so it’s lean as dessert!

[The higher the % protein, the more it will fill you up per calorie (making it harder to binge).]

14g fat, 60g carbs, 19g protein.

Having whole foods like chia, hemp and oats mean the sugar from the fruit, which is higher glycemic index (how quick the sugar breaks down in your body) is mixed with fibre 9.6g, iron 22% (!!), 39% vit C (!!) of RDA and 400mg Potassium (a good muscle recovery mineral).

What isn’t listed in Fitness Pal is all the other minerals contained in hemp and (they often come alongside iron so if you’re iron levels are high you’re probably consuming these minerals as well).

30g serving of hemp: [double what’s in this recipe so half it for % of RDA] you also get 11% Zinc and 24% magnesium!