joys of jogs

  I’ve got to share the love. The buzz from a jog. The freedom of being able to walk outside your front door and go. You don’t need to get yourself anywhere like a gym or swimming pool, you don’t really need any equipment (comfy shoes and any old clothes that you can sweat into), you don’t need money.

I know A LOT of people have fears to do with running. But a fast pace walk will do you the world of good too.

 After doing the ARNI course for stroke rehab and seeing how people can have their movement taken away within the space of a few hours, it gave me perspective. If you can move you’re lucky. Use it. As much as you can, everyday, explore, grow, conquer. The magnitude of strong will and effort stroke survivors go through just to regain basic movement like walking, sitting, reaching and grabbing makes you realise how lucky you are. Dance, sing, jump, run while you can. 

Spread your spirit through your environment. Know your land. Fill your third eye with light and colour and patterns; nature. Then go about your day, secrets of beauty inside your mind, fulfilled.

(I took these shots this winter in east London, top shot is from France) 

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Running training

We saw visions of beauty, epic cinematography, winter sun rising through thick mist, rolling hills, farms, forests, donkeys. It was immense; the natural high from oxygen and cardio and sun and green. Planting bare feet in the soil to ground the energy. 

Under Eliza’s guidance as a seasoned marathon runner I engaged in longer endurance runs for a week between 7-12 miles. Pushing my boundaries and mindset. Always learning. Even pace, steady, no sprints but focusing on control, the inner metronome, the meditation run. 

A run is much much more than mere fitness. You spread your spirit through the land, familiar with the roads, the people and the animals, visions of beauty and magic that you would not believe if you did not see it with your own eyes, vitamin d piercing your mind, happiness and freedom. 

And on top of that the bond you form with your buddy is profound. An electromagnetic connection of spiritual and physical euphoria at the sheer magnificence and power of Mother Earth. 

See you soon Eliza and thank you for your expertise!

Trainhealbreathe website


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Ginger: cheap soother for winter blues


Ginger is more than a super food, it’s a wonder food. If your immune system is down, you’ve got a cold, cough or sore throat get the ginger in!

Ginger has been used in a wide range of cultures old and new to help with loads of conditions. Google it and have a look. Here’s a few:

1) circulation
2) stomach upset
3) respiratory problems

Check this article out ( for a full list of conditions (and references) that ginger can help with. It’s overwhelming.

I use it like a sweet as soon as I feel under the weather and can feel it’s benefits straight away. Keeps my throat warm when I’m out training clients.

There’s many ways you can serve it up:

1) cough sweet: chew it raw like a sweet and let it sit in your mouth releasing it’s juices gently into your throat and digestive system.

2) tea: chop it and let it simmer gently for 15 mins or longer till ginger has seeped into water. Wait till it cools and add honey and fresh lemon.

3) cooking: add it to stews, stir fries, cakes.

The beauty of ginger is it’s cheap and easy and doesn’t do you any harm so try it!

Go see a medical professional if you think you’re ill.


Make training fun

Pavillion Cafe Victoria Park

Pavilion Park Cafe Victoria Park

Getting training going if you’ve had a break or are starting out (even if you’re training hard but getting bored) has a lot to do with making it fun. Start to lose the bad associations with exercise and make some positive ones.

For example I love a really well made coffee. So I train in an unconventional way that helps me get going in the morning, brightens up my day and takes away the chore element of training. I plan the run to call by my favourite coffee spots and incentivise myself by knowing: a) I have a nice coffee waiting for me so get out there! And b) after I’ve had the coffee I’ll get a buzz from a full on training run!

I’ve not met many runners that do this! The pre coffee run is a warm up and the post coffee run is training. I get a high from coffee and running/training/dancing. It’s a cardio buzz as well as making use of any adrenalin from the coffee in a constructive way.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated have a think about what would make you get out there. It’s ok to make training fun and integrate it into the things you enjoy. Don’t worry if you train in a different way to others, everyone is at different stages. All that matters is you try and do something towards your inner goals. And that’s it. You will feel good about it after and so the positive spiral begins.